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Use Of X Ray Molybdenum Target?

X ray molybdenum target is mainly used to check for breast cancer。

Advantages And Disadvantages Of X Ray Molybdenum Target?

Mammography X-ray photography with a simple, convenient, low cost and non-invasive and other characteristics, is one of the traditional method of breast cancer screening, which has become the preferred imaging method for breast cancer screening. An important role of mammography X-ray photography is the ability to detect asymptomatic patient or clinical palpation negative tumors, especially the latter, breast X-ray photography can it develop into a mass of positive two years before palpation showed lesions. Calcification of the breast than the other tests sensitive display. Statistics show that in asymptomatic patients, mammography X-ray photography examination found that breast cancer is found twice as breast cancer. Clinically palpable mass of cases, mammography X-ray photography by displaying tumor size, number, location, density, edge, shape, calcification and calcification of shape, size, number, distribution and surrounding halo, skin provide positioning and qualitative changes in signs to help determine the nature of the lesion. Limitations of its existence:(1)Patients with mammary glands rich with the disease overlap, can not show the whole picture of the lesion, or even false negative;(2)For nearly the chest wall and dense breast small foci easy missed; (3) may not provide a clear diagnosis。

Purity Of Molybdenum Sputtering Target?

High purity is a fundamental characteristic of molybdenum sputtering target requirements. The higher the purity molybdenum target, the better the performance of sputtered films. General purity molybdenum sputtering targets at least 99.95% (mass fraction), but with the continuous improvement of the glass substrate size LCD industry, requiring prolonged length of wiring, line width thinner, in order to ensure uniform films as well as the quality of the wiring for molybdenum sputtering target purity requirements have been increased. Thus, depending on the size and use of the environment, purity molybdenum sputtering targets sputtered glass substrate requirements in 99.99% to 99.999% or higher. Molybdenum sputtering target as a cathode sputtering source, solid impurities and pores of oxygen and water vapor is the main source of the deposited film. Moreover, in the electronics industry, due to the alkali metal ions (Na +, K +) it is easy to become mobile ions in the insulating layer, reduce component performance; uranium (U) and titanium (Ti) and other elements will release radiation, causing the device to produce soft breakdown; iron and nickel ions produce interface leakage and increased oxygen and other elements. Therefore, during the preparation of molybdenum sputtering targets, the need for strict control of these impurity elements, the maximum degree of reduction in the target in its content.