Coated Molybdenum Sputtering Target

Coated Molybdenum Sputtering Target


The melting point of coated molybdenum sputtering target is 2610℃ and boiling point is 5560 ℃,density is 10.2g/cm3.And the purity of it can up to 99.95%.


Coated molybdenum sputtering target has a lot of advantages such as high melting point, high physical strength, high elasticity modulus, great thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance and so on.


1、The coated molybdenum sputtering target usually use in the camera lens, shortsightedness glass, presbyopic glasses and other corrective spectacles.  

2、Apply coated molybdenum sputtering target in the car beauty for car paint protection is the best because it can avoid oxidation to make car paintwork bright, acid-base resistance, oxidation resistance, ultraviolet ray resistance and other advantages.  

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