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Second Half Of 2015 Molybdenum Market Prospect

Domestic market: second half of 2015, China's domestic economic growth is expected to rebound. In the demand side, "one belt and one road" development strategy, nation nuclear power re-construction and other development strategy will stimulate demand for the steel industry, thus further stimulating demand for molybdenum. But due to construction project involves a longer period, the second half of this year is expected to stimulate demand is limited.

In the supply side, as the price fell to the majority of mine cost line, the second half of the domestic molybdenum concentrate, molybdenum oxide supply will be eased and the International associated molybdenum mine capacity will not be fully released. Taking all these various factors, the second half of 2015 domestic molybdenum prices is expected to bottom shock or slightly better than the first half.

International market: the second half of 2015, the global economy still uncertain, the downstream steel industry will slightly changed to good side. In the supply side, North America monomer molybdenum and South America associated molybdenum production will not release too much, so market supply will not be greatly affected. Since the third quarter is the traditional summer break, expect the market will remain weak, after the summer break, with the end of the industry off-season, is expected to international molybdenum prices will remain stable or rise slightly possible.

WTO Ruling Against China Tungsten Products

Geneva time on August 7, WTO announced the United States, EU, Japan v China rare earths, tungsten, molybdenum export management measures related to the case of the Appellate Body report.

Commerce Department of Treaty and Law Department official has issued a statement that the Appellate Body did not appeal to support the US in the WTO rules on legal interpretation of some provisions of China's support of the appeal, the Chinese side expresses its welcome. For the Appellate Body to maintain expert group involved in the export tariff on Chinese products, the export quota measures are inconsistent with WTO rules and China's decision on accession to the WTO commitments, China regrets.

The official pointed out that the need for the protection of exhaustible natural resources and environmental protection, the Chinese government has continued to strengthen and improve the high pollution, high energy consumption of the integrated management of resource products. It is also important for maintaining global sustainability efforts made. China believes that WTO trade both emphasize freedom, respect for sovereignty over natural resources, and allow members to take the necessary means to achieve conservation goals. China will carefully evaluate the WTO ruling to comply with WTO rules, the way to strengthen the management of resources, products, and promote resource conservation, maintain fair competition, to achieve sustainable development.

The official said, the WTO Appellate Body report and the panel report will be in the WTO Dispute Settlement Body adopted as decision into effect. China will, in accordance with the rules of the WTO dispute settlement procedures and make proper follow-up case.

Prevention Of Breast Cancer Every Two Years To Do A Mammography

Experts said that the radiation dose mammography is controlled in a very small range, compared to breast injury to persons, the so-called radiation damage is very small.

Usually by mammography or to referral of patients, doctors will check again touch method. But this is not a substitute for instrument checks, after all, still have no reliable hands touch the place.

30-year-old female mammography can not be ignored.

Experts remind that 40 years ago women can 2--3 years undergo a mammography, 40-year-old to 50-year-old woman could be considered two years to conduct a mammography, and 50 years of age should be kept at the insistence of the frequency of once a year. Many would consider the prognosis of patients with breast cancer, in fact, from a clinical point of view, if found early, five-year survival of breast cancer patients can reach 95%, but if you miss the timing of treatment, and that the survival rate will be greatly Impact.